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Natural gemstones used for crystal shaped pendants are found in nature. Laboratory-created stones, as the name implies, are made in a laboratory. These stones, which also are used for crystal shaped pendant and referred to as laboratory-grown, they have essentially the same chemical, physical and visual properties as natural gemstones for crystal shaped pendants. Laboratory- created stones do not have the rarity of naturally colored stones used for crystal shaped pendant and they are less expensive than naturally mined stones. By contrast, imitation stones look like natural stones in appearance only, your crystal shaped pendant may be glass, plastic, or less costly stones. Laboratory-created and imitation stones should be clearly identified as such. Gemstones may be measured by weight, size, or both. The basic unit for weighing gemstones is the carat, which is equal to one-fifth (1/5th) of a gram. Carats are divided into 100 units, called points. For example, a half-carat gemstone crystal shaped pendant would weigh .50 carats or 50 points. When gemstones are measured by dimensions, the size is expressed in millimeters (for example, 7x5 millimeters). Gemstone treatments or enhancements refer to the way some gems are treated to improve their appearance or durability, or even change their color. Many gemstones and crystal shaped pendant are treated in some way. The effects of some treatments may lessen or change over time and some treated crystal shaped pendant stones may require special care. Some enhancements also affect the value of a crystal shaped pendant stone, when measured against a comparable untreated stone.

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